Multiple Choice Quiz Script

Dynasty Quiz

1) What is CD's favorite color?
a) Black
b) White
c) Teal
d) Blue

2) What do "Ballers" do?
a) Ball
b) Shoot
c) Play
d) Hustle

3) Kill an ant with?
a) Your foot
b) Jack Hammer
c) Screw Driver
d) Sledge Hammer

4) What is "Vicious"?
a) Yo' Breath
b) Press Defense
c) In-Bounds Play
d) Press Offense

5) Who is Dynasty's All-Time Leading Scorer?
a) Shaniya Jones
b) Lauren Carter
c) J'Nai Millner
d) Kyree Hall

6) We gone' beat 'em?
a) like they stole something
b) just cause
c) to the white meat
d) All the Above

7) Who is like Hollywood?
a) Lauryn Adeloye
b) Jada Artis
c) Hannah Baker
d) Erin Hall

8) What program oversees Carolina Dynasty?
a) Parks & Recreation
c) Player Endorsement
d) Upward

9) What is HOOPS about?
a) Character Education
b) Youth Development
c) Molding a Well-Rounded Student/Athlete
d) All the Above

10) What is Dynasty"?
a) An Offense we run
b) The Best Team in the World
c) All the Above
c) None of the Above
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